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Potent Home Remedies For Summer Pneumonia


Depending on where you live, for most people, the arrival of summer is more than enough reason to get excited. We throw off our coats and sweater and get ready to enjoy the fair weather and the last thing we want to think about are things we associated with winter like the cold, flu and dreaded pneumonia. However, you’d be surprised at how often pneumonia can occur in the warmer months of the year, that is until it happens to you.

We understand that nobody wants to be sick during the fleeting summer months, which is why we have provided you with a list of some powerful home remedies to help you kick pneumonia and get you back on your feet and back at the beach in no time.

Cayenne Pepper – This powerful spice helps the body to relate mucus from the respiratory tract, thus making it easier for people with pneumonia to breath.

Fenugreek Tea – Fenugreek tea not only helps to relieve chest congestion, but it also helps to flush the body of toxins through perspiration.

Steam Bath – When a person has pneumonia more times than not their chests will be heavily congested, making it difficult to breathe or do just about anything else for that matter. Try running a piping hot bath and put in a few drops of essential oil like lavender or eucalyptus. This will not only help to relax the mind but will also help to clear and loosen your chest.

Salt Water – Simple but effective; try gargling with salt water at least three times a day and you will notice that your respiratory tract feels clearer and your cough is lessened.

Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus Chest Rub – This one sounds complicated, but really isn’t. All you need is some tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil and your preferred brand of carrier oil. Mix them together and rub on your chest before going to bed. Just don’t use too much of the oil, or you may have a hard time sleeping (as will whoever is sleeping next to you).

Parsnip Juice – These home remedies are about making you feel better, not tasting good. So if you can manage to get through the taste, try parsnip juice, which is high in vitamins and potassium, making it ideal for treating pneumonia.

Lemon Juice – Not to be confused with lemonade, lemon juice has many known antibacterial properties and is rich in vitamin C. This will help to reduce fever and boost the immune system.

These are just a few home remedies that you can try next time you find yourself with a cold, or worse, pneumonia. However, if symptoms persist we always recommend contacting your health care provider.