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What is it like to have “Walking Pneumonia”


It seems just the other day that all of the news lines where talking about Democratic Presidential Nominee Hilary Clinton and her sudden ‘slip.’ While this certainly cast some doubt as well as raise some question as to her overall health, we would eventually be told it was nothing more than a case of walking pneumonia, and the potential future leader of the free world would be fine.

Much like yourself, I had my doubts, but I also had my questions; mainly, what the heck is walking pneumonia? And then, as if the world was trying to teach me a lesson, I find myself sharing her diagnosis. This is what I’ve learned about the infection that made headlines across the world.

In the world of pneumonia, which in case you didn’t know is lung inflammation caused by infection, walking pneumonia is the best case scenario; but as you will learn, it is still pretty bad.

It was only supposed to be a little a fall cold, nothing more; or at least, that is what I thought when I started to a get a slight cough. However, that mild cough quickly became more violent, even painful; and along with it came flu-like symptoms, an inexplicable ability to stay warm (despite I was quit the contrary), a headache that felt like a mountain was being torn apart and fatigue that made me skeptical of anything over three steps. This all occurred not a once, but gradually over three days – giving me false hope that the worse was behind me.

Eventually I broke down and went to go see a doctor who gave me the prognosis. It was here I learned that the causes of pneumonia can be numerous; from bacteria, virus, fungi, chemicals, inhaled food and various other infections. In most cases, walking pneumonia is often the result of a lung infection from a bacterial microorganism called mycoplasma pneumoniae.

I was also told by doctors that many people who contract walking pneumonia often feel well enough to work and carry on with their daily routines, which, needless to say, made me feel like I was being a tad dramatic. Thankfully, I was assured that I had every reason to feel the way I apparently looked, and after a round (or two in my case) of antibiotics I would be back on my feet.

The long and short is, any form of pneumonia should be taken seriously, and should certainly be followed by a trip to the doctors if you are at all suspicious that you might have it. While most cases can easily be treated, prolong delay can often lead to further complications and even death. I bet you feel a little sorry for Hilary now huh?